Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eco-friendly Gift Idea

I found this awesome gift idea for children's birthday parties. It is an eco-friendly invitation and gift giving service that allows you to send emails as invitations (save a tree and energy it takes to send a paper invite) and guests make monetary donations online toward one big gift for your child and the other half of the donations go toward a child-based charity of your choice. (You don't waste energy or wrapping paper) There are many benefits that your child will experience from having an ECHOage birthday party. The greatest benefit is that your child will be able to make meaningful choices and have a positive impact on others, and on society, at the time of his/her birthday. This, in turn, will empower and reward your child. ECHOage is a practical, hands-on way for your child to make a difference in the world and become involved in environmentalism and social justice at a young age. Love, love, love this idea! I will be posting a link for this on my party website, and my son will be using this service for his birthday in June! Please check out the following info and the website.

An ECHOage birthday party is a unique opportunity for you and your child to do something extraordinary - to improve the world - together.
Here's how: Guests are invited to an ECHOage birthday party online. Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present, guests simply rsvp and give a secure online gift of money. Payments are pooled for the purchase of ONE special gift and to support ONE meaningful cause.
ECHOage will arrange everything, so no need to drive, shop, wrap or even pick up the phone to make a donation.
There's more: The parent of the birthday child gets an official tax receipt.


Brenda said...

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing it!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Awesome idea! I love anything that is eco-friendly!

Michelle said...

very cool

dana said...

Eco-friendly birthday party--what an interesting idea! Have you had that experience with any of the parties you have planned?

I love the idea of getting organized!! I start out every January with that intent, then by Feb. I start Spring sales and income taxes so I just let my good intentions die! I have vowed to not be so behind for next Christmas--I've already purchased a few gifts! It's a start! I also have solved a storage problem I have with dishes--I'll share that in an upcoming post. It was a big old Christmas gift I gave to myself!
Although I am incredibly sad that I was not the winner of your Tea Party for One (so clever!) I do congrat the lucky winner!!
Hope you're having a great week--back to packing up Christmas!! Dana

Joy said...

This is a great alternative :o)

Donna, I've gone and tagged/awarded you at my blog, if you want to stop by some time and take a look!