Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Tag

WOW! Joy over at Joy to the Blog tagged me a gave me a New Year's Award.
She had a million other people to choose from and she picked me...I'm so honored.
The rules for the tag are as follows...
1. Be a lover of the New Year
2.List 5 things that you like about the New Year
3. Pass the award along
4. Let your recipient of the award know that you
tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog
5. Link back to the person who tagged and awarded you.
Well, I must say she picked the right person for the job :)
My 5 reasons that I love the New Year
1. Rose Parade on New Year's morning. I love to wake up early and see "behind the scenes" before the parade starts

2. I love getting a fresh start, a clean start on a project. It's like a do-over :)

3. My birthday is January 11th!

4. I de-clutter my house and donate, donate, donate!!!!

5. I love the seeing the "Year in Review" shows. I'm a "just tell me the facts, ma'am" kinda gal. They always neatly tie up the year. Sort of like my Christmas newletter. It shows you how much you have accomplished and what you need to work on.

And now for the "new" award winner....Karin at Creative Chaos. I just like giving her things to do in between her chemo appointments. Love ya, Chickie!

1 comment:

Joy said...

Your #4 really speaks to me Donna! My basement is calling my name as we speak....